Lauren Giraldo Tour FAQ:

Will there be VIP or M&G?
I’ll be meeting everyone that purchases a ticket! I wanted to make them as affordable as possible.

What is the name of your single?
I’ll be releasing the name of it in the New Year ;)

Are you adding more dates to the tour?
Yes! But only if you’d like to see me there, so I need to hear from you! I’m always looking at your tweets and comments on Instagram.

How old do I have to be to come?
All ages! Bring your parents, your sister, brother, grandma, everyone!

Will there be food or drinks?
Feel free to check out each venue’s website as it is specific to them!

Will anyone be opening the show for you?
Yes! I’ll be announcing the openers between now and the tour date :)

Ticket tiers explained (The Mint):
For advance tickets only, if you're under 21 you need to buy the advance price ticket with the extra $5.00 add on- listed as "Under 21." Over 21, use the "Pre-Sale" option.

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